Market Entry

Our in-depth experience as scientists, engineers, researchers, business managers, marketing managers, corporate lawyer, entrepreneurs qualifies us to be an effective consultant on any matters small businesses undoubtedly encounter. Problems and questions a business owner runs into from start-up of a business to on-going operation are something our members have probably experienced many times over. In the current business environment where competition is global and fierce, survival without strategic business and marketing plan and effective execution of the plan is very difficult. Bushitol is a U.S. corporation and its members are U.S. educated and trained. We have vast experience and knowledge on how North American market works and how to penetrate or sustain competitive edge in the market. We build a team of experts experienced in our clients’ specific problems or issues. We have profound concern with clients’ monetary limitation and thus, place efficiency and frugality as top priority.


• 2005년부터 해회 민간 네트워크 활용사업 북미지역 센터로 봉사
• 2005-2009년 24개업체 기술지원 및 제품취급 예) 2007조효소제품: 2만불 상당 판매 성사; 분자 진단용시약: 최대 업체와 협력계약
• 중기청/중진공 미 연방정부 조달시장 지원 업무 미국 연방 조달시장에 판매제품등록업무 서비스시장파악, 고객목록, 영문홍보물, 견적수령, 상담주선, 샘플송부, 협력업체발굴