Research & Development

Several of Bushitol members have extensive R&D experience in their specific fields. Those members also have extensive list of contacts for research organizations, their work and prominent researchers. Bushitol can assist anyone who needs access to any of the researchers, organizations and research results or analysis of the results. Bushitol can assist any individuals, inventors or businesses who need assistance in R&D or commercialization of any invention. U.S. SBIR program is a good source of funding for R&D. The program encourages and enables small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from commercialization of the technology’s end product. Ten different agencies under U.S. government have provided in aggregate over 1.2 billion dollars to small businesses in year 2001 for the critical start-up through completion of the innovation and commercialization. Success with SBIR program enhances business opportunities. It assures credibility of the technical innovation. It provides important recognition, distinction and high visibility. Bushitol is well positioned to assist any firm wanting to utilizes SBIR funding for completion of its technological innovation and commercialization of the product. Bushitol’s scientific and technological expertise covers wide range of the topics the sponsoring agencies require.


• 중기청/중진공의 중소기업 해외진출 지원사업 2003년에 10개업체, 2004년에 21게업체 지원 계약하에 미국측 수행기관 역할
• 자문단 관리, 진출지원업체와 과제 평가, 미국 SBIR 프로그램에 관한 정보관리 총 15개의 SBIR과제를 신청해 1개 자금획득 SBIR 프로그램에 대한 폭 넓은 이해와 경험 획득
• 2008년 글로발 네트워크와 협의에 의해 미국측 관리기관으로 위탁지정 • SBIR 과제공고검토및 적정기술에 대한 협의
• PI 선임 및 대행 업무제출 양식에 의거한 제안서 제출업무SBIR 진출에 의한 사업성 자문주)
• 기술과가치와 MOU 체결
• 대덕연구개발특구 프로젝트에 참여강점기술분야 도출기획/조사(과기부) 사업화전략 및 국제협력방안 자문 4개의 전략사업군(바이오신약, 건강및 의료장비, e-Sports, 연료전지)에 사업화전략서 작성