Technology Transfer

Bushitol members have accumulated over 40 years of professional work experience in various scientific and engineering fields as entrepreneurs, engineers, marketing or operations managers or executives, research associates or directors, and corporate lawyer. We have extensive experience in evaluation of new technology or products. Through our active involvement in technical associations, and business or marketing associations, we have built a vast network of contacts in every scientific and engineering discipline. Our contacts represent wide range of industries, and leading manufacturers and majority of them are decision makers or influential in decision making. Bushitol is uniquely qualified to handle sale or licensing of a technology and finding a joint venture partner of the technology.


• 기술의 판매및 구매주선에 대한 분석및 대행 업무
• 기술수집, 기술포장, 고객발굴, 계약주선등에 대한 일괄업무