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Our in-depth experience as scientists, engineers, researchers, business managers, marketing managers, corporate lawyer, and entrepreneurs qualifies us to be an effective consultant on any matters small businesses undoubtedly encounter. Problems and questions a business owner runs into from start-up of a business to on-going operation are something our members could have experienced many times over. In the current business environment where competition is global and fierce, survival without strategic business and marketing plan and effective execution of the plan is very difficult. Bushitol is a U.S. corporation and its members are U.S. educated and trained. We have vast experience and knowledge on how North American market works and how to penetrate and sustain the competitive edge in the market. We build a team of experts experienced in our clients’ specific problems or issues. We have profound concern with clients’ monetary limitation and thus place efficiency and frugality as top priority.

부싯돌은 현장경험이 풍부한 과학자, 엔지니어, 교수, 창업가등의 광범위한 넷트워크로 새로운 파라다임의 기술분야 사업화를 위한 기술개발 및 시장개발 자문서비스를 제공합니다.